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From parties to stage, Marty and Kevin can bring Preschool Rockstar to any size event.

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Experienced Educators
Experienced Entertainers

Marty and Kevin have both had extensive performing careers. Performing with blues and rock bands, Kevin has played to thousands at Walnut Creek Amphitheater while Marty has recorded multiple television specials with Bill Leslie's band performing with the North Carolina Symphony, the Tar River Symphony, and the North Carolina Master Chorale. Both have regional awards under their belts for bands they fronted way back in the 90's and like to pretend that was 10 years ago.

Audience size doesn't matter though. Preschool Rockstar loves to share the joy of music with children and their families in small crowds or large. Marty can perform solo for small crowds. Kevin and Marty can perform as a duo for small and large crowds. Or if you have a large venue, the full band can come and rock your socks off no matter how large the stage.

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